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Bad Rap

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I just seen them on Rachael Ray, with a cute Pit Bull. Rachael had teared up from the story from a rescue fr. a Football players illeagle dog fighting ring. She has one sweetie of a pit bull, when she cooks 4 her & her husband, she makes a dog friendly of what they r eating. Check them out @ THANK U RACH 4 putting them on ur show & showing THERE IS NO BAD DOGS, JUST BAD OWNERS or not TRAINED WELL, & not responcible owners.
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I love seeing positive things about bully breeds.
Me too! I saw the episode! :D Go Racheal Ray!
Yay 4 bull dogs and Racael!!
YES! I hate that bully breeds have a bad rap. I don't watch Rachel Ray but wish I saw that episode!
It was a good show, I watch the show b/c she reminds me of me, both personality & I cant bake well ~ better @ cooking lol.
finally someone that people listen to, is standing up for pitties!!!!
We need more, but Rach has helped A LOT!
THATS GREAT!!! we need more people like her standing up for this great breed.
I agree!

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1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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