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Barsha's new Cage.

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Well today barsha got an upgrade in homes. he went from a decent size of 18 x 13x32 inch cage to a 6 foot by 2 foot, by 5 foot tall cage.

Here are pics of the new cage.

It is a dog kennel i used to have for my iguana that passed away last year. I thought today why wouldn't that work for the bird? so i wrapped all the edges with pipe insulation and bought some cheap dowels and a few more bird perches. I will soon buy some more food dishes and set up different types of food around the cage so he can forage. And i still need to put in the rest of his toys. The bottom i put a plastic table cloth that i can shake out, and throw away. and the top is a fitted sheet fastened with a ton of zip ties. The whole thing is wrapped with plastic chicken wire and plastic hardware cloth. You can buy a parrot cage much smaller than this for over $500, and this cost me $60 dollars since i already had the kennel, the table cloths, and the hardware cloth. and honestly it would have cost less but i bought a big rope perch, a snuggle tube, and new cuttle bone, and random stuff he really doesn't need.
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Looking good kendalle!! Barsha must be one happy camper.
so far he has ventured to three of the perches. maybe 4.
Probably just getting settled in. I'd love to see some pics of Barsha in his new home :).
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