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bedding for mice

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I have heard of Yesterday's News bedding and I have heard a lot of people use it and it is very good. I have been wanting to try it, but i am wondering if it is actually good quality bedding and all. Somebody said that the cat kind is the same as the small animal, but is that true? Thanks if you can help! :pdkiss: i love my mice! :heart:
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There is already some threads that have been made on this topic. Do a search for it on the site and you get a bunch of information.

And please if you don't mind, stay away from that colour it is very hard on the eyes.
Yes, the cat version of YN is the same as the small animal version.

A lot of people mix it so they don't use it all up at once.
I use Yesterday's News and often mix it with aspen.I have used this for my mice when I had them and now for my rats and find it really good.

The cat and small animal YN is the SAME product! But the small animal kind comes in a smaller bag for twice as much money as the cat one! So if you buy it,I suggest you go to the cat aisle! :D
Ok thanks! I will try it!
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