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I was on holiday last weekend so I had a friend pop in to replenish Beekle's seed container. Beekle (my budgie) was out of his cage when they arrived (he's a free range budgie normally anyway) and apparently after staring at them for a couple of minutes he proceeded to dive bomb them while squawking.

My friend says it wasn't constant dive bombing but was quite frequent.

Quite what use a dive bombing budgie is supposed to be I don't know but it's interesting to see that Beekle can tell humans apart from each other :) . Also interesting that my friend has been over several times since I got Beekle and Beekle has not done this before. Looks like Beekle knows he is only a visitor and was upset that I wasn't around to keep an eye on him :confused:

Beekle is demonstrating other odd "features":

He knows the word 'up' but is quite capable of refusing the command. When he doesn't want to get off my finger he'll gently nibble it when I say 'up'.

He likes to nibble millet and a honeyed seed bar but prefers to go to his seed pot for a proper meal. :D

Since he refuses to go 'up' I've been trying to throw him off my finger but he seems to have grown to like that. He now squawks and makes a nuisance of himself until I try to throw him at which point he grips me tight and refuses to fly off. Even if he ends up upside down or hanging by one foot he just rights himself and is then content for the next ten minutes. :rolleyes:

And his vocabularly now includes a quiet "bomb dropping" sound. God only knows where he picked that up from :( . If he ever combines it with his "breaking wind" sound I'm going to laugh so hard it could be painful.:D
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