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Hi All!

Indeed, Belgian Malinois and German Shepherd both are one of the finest dogs that both police and intelligence services are using, but my question is specifically regarding family protection. Yes, I am willing to adopt a well-trained dog but confused between these two options.

In this regard, I have seen many online comparisons like this and noticed that the German Shepherd is more family-friendly than the Belgian, but honestly, I am also a fan of the activeness of the Belgian Malinois. The weight of Belgian Malinois is also less than the shepherds, so they can seamlessly move from one place to other.

Also, is insurance quotes for different dog breeds vary? I am asking for dog walker insurance. Although I found dog walker insurance quotes for different breeds here but I want to know your thoughts specifically about these two breeds.

But yes, I am still here to know your thoughts on this matter.

Waiting for your suggestions.

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