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Best food-getting new gerbils

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It's been a while since I had gerbils. So, I'm a little nervous. But long story short I'm rescuing 7 gerbils from a "feeder breeder." I'm not planning on keeping them long, just fostering until they find their forever home, I would love to but I already have TONS of animals.

But I was hoping someone could help me out with their food. What is the best food available for them? I want to make sure they are getting fed good high quality food. Right not they are getting fed Mazuri, which I know it's a bad food, but it's also not the best.

Also I feed my hamsters and mice "Native Earth 18% Protein 4018 Rodent Diet" ( Would that be ok to feed gerbils. Just as a back up, not as a staple. Because I know they need a variety.

Also any more info would be great. :) I know no ceder or pine. When I had gerbils I would shred cardboard and use that as bedding and they LOVED it, I would add more boxes all the time. By the time I had to clean their cage out the bedding went half way up the cage, which they LOVED. The LOVED digging it it.

Sorry this is so long. I just want to make sure they are taken care of properly.

Thanks for any help!!!
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I buy Hagen Gourmet gerbil and hamster mix. It not only has the basic seeds, sunflower seeds, corn, pellets etc. but also includes dried fruit like bananas as well as pumpkin seeds and peanuts. My gerbils love it. I also provide them with pieces of fresh apple at least once a week and a bit of hay.

I don't know anything about Native Earth products. I use Carefresh to line their cage and give them kleenex along with cardboard to shred for bedding.

Kudos to you for rescuing them. :)
I use Higgins Sunburst for Hamsters/Gerbils. Love it!
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