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Best Online Bunny Stuff Site

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can anyone recommend a good online store that i can start buying my food on? i also wanna get toys and treats but my main thing now is getting Oxbow,because the stores here dont carry it, thanks!
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A quick google search found the home page for Oxbow, and apparently they mail order their products directly:

Yeah you can order the hay and food and some toys (hay tunnels and such) right from Oxbow.

If your looking for a site with more stuff though, there are a lot of diffrent online rabbit stores that I've found that have more varity of toys and supplies.

This is the one I usually use:

But I know there are definatly others - try just doing a google search or something to find some :)
thanks!! ill check it out,see,i wanted to get a good recommendation so i feel secure,im new to this online ordering thing
if you want to buy the Oxbow products online, just go to the oxbow website:
actually,i was at the last bit of ordering and where im in canada the lowest shipping rate was 20 $!!!! so after i cancelled that, i emailed a canadian site who gave me a website for the canadian distributor of oxbow. i really didnt think 23$ (or whatever it was) was a good "deal" on the awesome prices they DID have on everything else *sigh* .stupid shipping rates!
Just for people to know - I got an email from Oxbow the other day saying that they are going to stop selling their products online on their site, but that they will list other places where you can get their products, both online and at local pet/feed stores.
There have been sightings of Oxbow products being sold in Petsmart in the States - I think they are testing the market down there but it woulod be fantastic to get Oxbow in a store rather than having to order it online all the time.

In Canada, you can order Oxbow from Canadian Pet Connection - They are located in Oakville, Ontario and you can also buy it at their store if you are nearby.
well im sure id have to be full of cash to fly out to Ontario just to get Oxbow from Newfoundland !! haha!! but my dad does live there..maybe he could send some out?? Nah,he would definetly pick up the wrong product...ill check that site out too ,thanks!!
I would have posted a link but aparently I am too new to do so...let me try this...

www dot canadian pet connection dot com

No spaces of course. And they ship all across Canada.
yeah thanks,rabbitsmba!! i got an email today to order from them.while i wait for it though i decided to go pick up a bag of pellets to mix so they'll have to start switching over.they are picky girls!...well,Acacia is anyway.Akina will eat anything,she even tried to get at my munchies earlier!! jeesh!
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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