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Best Playpens?

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I have bought 3 already (before I got the triplets) and by the time Eva was 4 weeks old she had already figured out how to get out!

The couch isn't working now that there are a lot and my husband is taking forever! Where can I buy an amazing spacious pen? under $500?
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there is alot of them online, i just ordered my rats a new cage online from dr fosters, i didnt look to go see if they have any, if you google that their site should be the first result.

im not sure what kind of set up you are looking for but i know a few people with ferrets and ordered this
im not sure if a rat could fit through the bars they are spaced 1 inch
I never had to buy one--I just made my own, and my boys have 24/7 access to it (it's attached to their cage) and they've never escaped. I use foam board and binder clips from the dollar store. They can't scale the walls, and they are high enough (about 30" at the highest part) that they don't jump over them, either. It's a cheap but excellent way to make a playpen for your rats, and you can either leave it up (like I do now) or disassemble every night, and it's easy to store.

ETA: Here is a video of Stanley playing in the playpen right after I first made it for them, when they were babies:

and here is a more recent one:

Hopefully these will give you some more ideas! :)
i took an old book shelve and cut hole in each shelf and they are tall enough to climb up and down each one i let them play on that while we eat dinner or watch movies, my dont really jump much they think about it and scoot towards the edge and then change their minds and keep climbing
I currently have a Graco playpen that I take when we travel to hotels or friends houses when we are out of town. The Graco is a bit heavy, so I can understand it not getting the best rating for a "travel" playpen.
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