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Betta fish with holes in fins?

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I bought a halfmoon male betta fish (Fernando) about 2-3 weeks ago. He lives in a 10 gallon tank with 3 olive nerite snails, and some live plants. He has a heater (the tank is kept at about 80 degrees Fahrenheit) and a Fluval 106 filter (which, by the way, is never kept on at full power). He's seems happy - at least, he's quite active.
Yesterday, he blew a bubble nest. The bubbles were small, and there were many in a cluster at the side of the tank, but there were also random bubbles scattered across the top of the tank. I think that when sick bettas blow bubble nests, the bubbles are scattered around randomly but they are large. Fernando's bubbles were scattered around but they were small. Also, today, I noticed several tiny holes in his anal and caudal fin. However, they didn't seem to bother him - he seemed perfectly healthy.
Are the two things connected? Should I be worried? If this is a problem, are there any treatments?
(Sorry about not having pictures - being a new member, I'm not allowed to put pictures in my posts yet.)
EDIT: I put the picture I wanted to post on this as my profile picture, actually. x3 The red circles are where the holes are.
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New update: I just checked on him. He's still swimming around but not as much as he was, and and his dorsal and anal find are clamped to his body. Also, it looks like he has more holes. I called the aquarium center (I'm super lucky, because there's an aquarium center close to where I live and their information is usually reliable) and they told me it's probably fin rot, and recommended getting MelaFix and PimaFix.
What do you guys think? Does getting those sound like a good plan?
Also, just a bit more background info: I do a 20% water change weekly and I'm gonna test the water tomorrow.
Welcome to the forum, did you test the water
Welcome to the forum, did you test the water
Yes, I tested it today. I don't have a testing kit but I took it to the aquarium center and they said it was "really good" but didn't give exact results.
They recommended "Bettafix". They said you didn't have to remove carbon from the filter but I'm not sure...
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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