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Just wanted you all to beware what a member of your boards Secuono has been saying.
Secuono has no regard whatsoever for animal rights. Her animals live in appalling conditions, and with little room to move. You will notice if you google the name “Secuono” that her story changes on every single forum she is on. Although her initial posts are identical, she has trouble sticking to her story, and often digs a hole for herself trying to defend her lies.
Her animals are all kept in cages with barely room to lie down. Rabbits, and dogs too. For proof, just google her name and see what she has been writing in other forums. She has also mentioned that she can not afford any type of vet care, so if her animals get sick, unfortunately they have to suffer. If you cant afford to keep pets, you shouldn’t have them.
If anyone here has any regard for animal rights, please, have a word to secuono and see if we can get through to her that if she cant look after her animals, SHE SHOULDNT HAVE THEM! Thank you for taking the time to read this. Have a nice day J
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