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Binoo gets Neutered on the 7th.

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I am UBER nervous about getting Binoo neutered. I need to know about all the information I can about what I need to do before and after his surgery. My friend works with the vet that is doing the surgery, he has done a lot of neuters on rabbits and he was recomended by many rabbit owners in my area.What are your storys about neuters. How long does it take for them to bounce back.
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Guys Binoo gets neutered tomorrow.
Good luck to your bun. I'm sure Binoo will do fine. :)
My buddy works there it is his day off but he's going in anyway to look after binoo. Binoo has to stay there till 5 then he comes home. <3
He's home and a lil grumpy. But that's understandable.
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