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Binoo is a lionhead bunny. He's about 5 months old.

I got him from the petstore when i saw the condition he was in. He was in a very small cage with about 5 baby guinea pigs. when i picked him up he cuddled up under my neck and i decided i was going to take him home. On the ride home I noticed a yellow discharge coming from his nose so we stopped at the emerg vet who gave him some antibiotics for the respratory infection he had. At the vet we also had to get all of the cedar shavings out of his fur because it was all matted and it looked very uncomfortable.

Binoo is very happy and healthy now.

I need some toy ideas, litter training tips andwhat kind of brush should i use on his fur?

thanks!! :bundance:


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is binoo named after toupee and binoo (the cat and mouse cartoon for kids) ?
either way hes super cute congrads :)
Wow, he's so cute!! :heart:

Toys: It really depends on the individual rabbit. Try a variety and figure out what kinds of things your bunny likes :). Some basic bunny toy categories are chew toys (willow balls/rings, apple branches, pine wood toys, balsa wood, cholla, yucca, etc.), shreddable toys (cardboard boxes, brown paper bags, paper, "shredders" made for parrots, corn husks, grapevine balls, etc.), tossing/shaking toys (hard plastic baby keys, toys made for bunnies such as tossing rings and the "flip n' toss carrot", rattles, etc.), puzzle toys (Teach N' Treat, Bunny IQ toys from, SlimCat ball, boxes filled with hay and treats, etc.), hiding/climbing toys (cardboard bunny houses and mazes, wooden hide boxes, willow tents, tunnels, etc.), and rolling toys (hard plastic "roller" toys, balls, various cat toys, etc.).

Littertraining: It'll be much easier once he's neutered. I generally "train" them by offering multiple litterboxes in spots they like to hang out (or spots that they have accidents) and I also restrict their access to the house. You don't want to give too much freedom at first. Always put hay in the litterboxes (or in a hay rack right above/next to them. Bunnies like to "go" while eating hay, ha. A common mistake is using bedding in the cage (like Carefresh). It's better to have no bedding so they don't confuse the cage with the litterbox. Blankets/towels can be used, though, as long as your bunny doesn't try to eat them (some do, some don't).

Brushing: A flea comb or a similar type of fine comb should work :). If he ends up a lot fluffier let me know and I can probably make better recommendations...I used to have an Angora ;).
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Yes Binoo is named after the kids show. So my nephew would be able to say his name. :) thank you so much!
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