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I have been getting up far too early lately.
Brandon had to be at work at 9 today, so when his alarm went off, i was pretty much doomed to be awake.
We are going to go see Dear John today and i am super excited, i told him i wanted to go to a nice theater in lexington to see it, so maybe instead of the boring old one here he'll take me there
He does owe me for me almost getting alcohol poisoning on my birthday [inside joke]
So, until he gets home from work, i am currently laying in bed on my laptop watching my favoritest Tv show Greys Anatomy, soon it will be time to let the dogs out and feed them, then go outside and feed the birds, THATS RIGHT WE HAVE BIRDS :D
They're back and it wasnt freezing in my room last night, i am so happy.
I hate hate hate hate winter.
Even though i was born in winter, it really is a dreadful season, all the pretty birdies go away and then the roads get bad
and i hate long sleeves as well
..Well thats the end of this random blogging rant thing.
Probably post another later when i get bored.
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