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Blair is adopted

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So Blair just went to her new adoptive home today! :( It is sad,but also a good thing at the same time! I was really starting to like her and she was making herself at home here.So it is best that she has finally gotten her forever home,so she don't get too attached to being here.

I will miss her,but will get updates and will probably get to see her at GPAC events.
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Aww how sad, you didnt have her for that long!! It's good that she got her forever home though!!
Great that she got a new home soo... soon
awww I am so glad she is now in her forever home :) and now you have an opening to take in another doggie that needs your help :)
Aww congrats to you, and to Blair! It's always so nice to hear about animals going to their perminant homes. I'm sure you'll miss each other, but Blair will bond with her new owners, and now you can help out another dog if you want too!
You guys are right,my home is now open again to another dog.I may take in a beagle next because there are several beagles needing foster homes with Beagle Paws now.

I think Blair was my shortest foster!!
I really am happy for her,but the house is so quiet now!! :giggle:
Aww, thats great shes in her forever home now! Does Cloe miss her much? or is she looking forward to the new foster?
hehe! that's crazy that she went so fast :p Congrats thou!
That WAS so quick. Barely adjusted and out. But it is a Sweet yet sour, sad to see her go, thrilled she has a forever home!
wow that was fast. well at least you were able to do your part in helping out. glad pup found a home!!
awwww and congrats so pleased she's found a forever home and now at least you can help another dog in need :)
Congratulations to her then! How nice to have another real start on life!
Aww, thats great shes in her forever home now! Does Cloe miss her much? or is she looking forward to the new foster?
Chloe was really sad at first,but now she don't seem to really care.
Best wishes to Blair. I've said it before, bless you for fostering!:)
Thank you.
I may be taking in another foster now this week! :)

I got an update on Blair last night.Her new name is "J.D" and she is settling well.She now shares her home with a 19 yr old cat,two dachshunds and a shih tzu!
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