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Bloodwork and IV necessary?

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Hi everyone,

I am taking my cat Cecilia on the 17th to be spayed. She wandered into my house this past summer so I'm not sure how old she is, but the vet said she is about one to two years old. She was pregnant when I found her (or she found me).. Anyways, one of the papers they sent me home with after her last appointment suggested she have blood tests before the spay as well as an IV. The cost for the IV fluids is 71.oo and the blood tests 75.oo. Both are optional, but I'm not sure what to do. Should I have both done or is it necessary? I do not have a problem paying for it, but since it is optional I was wondering how important it is.Has anyone else dealt with this before? It says the blood tests are: BUN, Creatinine,ALKP,ALT,glucose,total protein and CBC. This is coming up quickly, so I would appreciate the input, and money is tight at the moment too. I want to do what is right and I hope you guys can help me! Thanks!
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Also, I noticed she has been peeing in the tub once in a while. Should I be worried?
I usually bite the bullet and have lab tests done whenever I've got an animal in for surgery or other invasive procedures.

In a couple of cases, it's revealed kidney problems in the early stages.

Your girl may be peeing in the tub for any number of reasons. Kidney issues could be one, as well as behavioral. The blood work might help rule out kidney/bladder infections.

It can also give the vet a glimpse into how well your cat will handle the stresses of surgery (whether she's anemic, etc).

I can afford it, and I don't take my animals in for tests that often, so to me it's a little insurance. It's not essential, but it's helpful. Your mileage may vary.

Here is a site that can answer some of your questions about the tests. You can ignore the blood values at the bottom of the page, as they're for dogs:

Good Luck,
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I personally never got the tests done, but that was by choice, and because most vets here dont request it before surgery. In your case I would definetly get them done, as your cat is peeing in the tub there could be cause for concern, but it can be something very simple as well. better safe then sorry.
thanks guys, im going to get the tests done. my poor wallet, haha. And how about the IV? Spay is 315.oo, whats another 200.oo? hahaha
I don't have a cat currently, but when we got our dog neutered we got all the extra stuff. Blood work for reasons people already explained.

We got the IV too just in case. Our vet explained that it would probably be just something extra, but in the case of an emergency because the IV would already be in place it would be easier for them to quickly administer medications.

I'd ask the vet about the peeing in the tub thing. Back when I did have a cat, she started randomly peeing in the bath tub and it turned out she had a UTI.
this is why i survive on vegetable mr noodles.. so poor.. animals so healthy and happy. frigggg
Yeah usually its a sign of a UTI I never got the blood work Etc but my vet does not seem like they need it the IV I would I mean they always do on people so I am sure there is a reason. The bloodwork usually my vets push anything very needed. You can always do it later.
For me, to make sure I would go with the bloodwork test only, too.
Just my opinion, if she is older then yes. If she is a younger, otherwise healthy cat, no. My local SPCA will not spay/neuter older animals unless they are in custody because blood tests are suggested (higher risk) and, depending on the drugs, IV is just used to help with hydration.

When Spyro was neutered (age 10) I paid extra for reverse gas AND an IV. Reverse gas is safer than a shot. They gave him pain meds which made him groggy anyway. My vet required a blood test to make sure he was 1000% healthy and something about sensitivity to the drugs being given.
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