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bonding bunnies

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i have read alot on here about how you have to bond buns properly, the problem is i cant really find anything saying how to actually do it properly.

i have a spayed female bun 'Denver' (we thought she was a he when i named her). she is almost a year old and gets along great with my cat and both dogs (never unsupervised of course)

now i have come across another bun, a flemish giant we think, he is scheduled to be neutered monday, and then i am bringing him home, he will be kept separate from everyone for a while because of his neutering and he is being treated for ear mites.

but when it does come time to introduce the two bunnies i want to make sure i do it right. if anyone can give me any tips, or even step by step instructions to follow it would be very much appreciated!!

both buns have great temperments, so i think things will work out, but i guess i just have to wait and see.

thanks in advance
- Jacquelyn
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Start by checking out the info HRS has:

That should give you the basics :). If you have any questions, though, definitely ask! I'm personally only bonded a few pairs but there are members on here with extensive experience.
Congrats, bonding bunnies is the best. . . Unfortunately My 2 females never became friends and I am not in the boat to get another now. . Bless. Check out that site and hopefully everything is smooth. I hear fixed m/f bonds are the best and easiest to do.
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