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Time to get tough with sales! Ready set go...
1. Following up on your sales is a great way to ensure they keep increasing. Send an acknowledging email of gratitude to your customers or perhaps a Tweet (Twitter message). Follow up from time to time, too, to let them know that their business is important to you and that you are taking care to attend to their specific interests. This could be done every three months or so to remind your customers of your services and also to inform them of any upgrades.
2. 'Upselling' is another effective tactic to use to make your sales soar. Although the customer usually calls in with a specific product in mind, you could discuss their issues at length and suggest other products that would maximize their benefits. Suggest products in a casual and helpful manner, and your customer is likely to see the advantages of your suggestions, possibly adding on to their original order.
3. After a sales transaction is completed, offer your customer options to join your affiliate or other incentive programs: collecting bonus points, winning special gifts, free reports and so on. The incentive of their earning a commission on their own spending will encourage them to buy more products from you and more regularly.
4. Also offer your customers the chance to earn rebates and discounts from your business by referring others to your site. An offer like a 25% discount for every five new customers that they bring to your business, could be a very attractive package. Furthermore, you will get the added benefits of advertising and of increasing your clientele without any added costs.
5. Collaborating and cross-selling with other products is a good solution too. Combine two similar or related products: one from your business, and one from another and sell them with a discount together. This package can benefit you as well as your collaborator and will generate sales for both. Also, the lure of two products is bound to be stronger than that of one independent product. Make sure you promote this offer with leaflets and flyers all over your store and throughout your various online promotions.
6. You could also opt for selling the rights to the reproduction or reprinting of your products and include advertising for other products on the same flyers that you use for selling your rights (that way you get to promote other goods at no extra advertising cost).
7. After your customers are done buying products, mail them a list of complementary add-ons, upgrades, plug-ins and so on. If they are happy with the initial product, they may look forward to enhancing their experience with the add-ons.
8. Freebies are always a good idea to draw in sales. The more visibility the better; i.e,cheap nfl jerseys. make sure your logo is clear on the freebies that you send or include with sales. These could include caps, pens,Canada Goose Jacket, key-rings, bags,Canada Goose, mugs or t-shirts,Canada Goose. Free goodies help customers remember your business and encourage them to buy from you again later,Canada Goose Jackets.
9. You could also try offering gift certificates for sale. People often resort to gift certificates to present to their loved ones. This doubles up as a gift for the person looking to present it, as well as a way to spend money on your products for those who have been gifted the certificate.
10. If your products are being delivered by shipping or air transport, include rebate coupons for other products. Many people are in the habit of saving coupons to use later, and they may remember to visit your business to redeem those coupons. That way, they end up saving money and are happy with their purchases, plus you end up making more sales than you would normally.
Don't stop short with your sales activities! If you need help with any of the above, seek assistance by outsourcing with affordable personal virtual assistants and ghostwriters. Keep on working with your clients before,bottega veneta outlet, during and after sales to help grow your business.
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