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Bowser comes home...

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After my depressing bout of shrimp genocide :( I decided not to get any more at the current time. So I returned them to the store and since they didn't have any shrimp left I got a cash refund and bought a betta. I have everything I needed for the set-up, but I picked up a 10 watt heater since my 7.5 wasn't cutting it in a 1g. Now the temp is 82F and he's loving it!! He's probably never been so happy :) He's been working on a bubble nest all day for me : :thumbsup:
He was labeled a Crowntail but I think there's some combtail in there, compared to some of the other CT bettas there.
I didn't really intend on getting another betta (and especially since Lakitu is sick!) but my sister was gone in to actually look for one (she ended up getting 2) and so I was "forced" to look too :rolleyes:
Anyways, meet Bowser!! My new little friend <3


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He's gorgeous, I love the shade of red on his fins :).
Thanks :) He's a stunner for sure! Do you know anything about the combtail variety? I know it's a CT mixed with other tail types.
Glad things are in the control now, wonderful to see that new additional, it iss lovely.
I think he looks great! From what I understand, CTs are hard to get here. The label will say CT but they're really not. He's really pretty.

I've been researching bettas and I'm really close to buying one. I can't wait!
OOOOO Good luck!! But there's something that occurs when you decide to get 1... A bug infects your system and you start collecting supplies for another betta, and another, and anther!! :p
I love them. Lakitu is VT and they're so precious ^.^
I can't wait to see it when you get it! They really are great little friends :)
Bowser's bloat has subsided this morning (yay!) and Lakitu is off the cappa leaf (for now, at least) so when I come home from school they're getting a feed of bloodworms!! Fun times :)
he is really pretty and I agree dosent look like a normal crown tail good find, I have 2 crown tail myself and the fringes are longer,, I use fringes cuz I don't know what else to call them lol.
You're right ^.^ I had this fish and another true CT picked out to eeny meeny miny moe. The other was a apricot color perhaps cambodian bc he had darker fins. He was bigger and gorgeous :) And also the pick of my boyfriend. I chose Bowser ultimately bc I had the name picked out months ago (so he needed to look fierce and fiery) and his tail was differnt than the other CT's and because he was smaller so I knew he was younger :D
Critter, I'd love to see your bettas!
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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