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Boxer collie/spaniel mix and my mother

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Well, when my mother said she was going to adopt this cute little pup I warned her. I said the dog was going to need work. Now I need a little advice: does anyone have any tips or tricks to make training a little easier? I wish they would take him out for a daily walk but I really don't think they do. :(
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you can use exercise in the house by playing fetch, hide and seek and other games that use both their mind and body. but really walks are needed for a happy healthy dog.
Agreed, play with him. Play chase, fetch, ball, let him run.. Try to avoid playing too much tug-of-war but everything else let him go. Get him socialised with other dogs and people, take him everywhere. The more he experiences the better ^^ Train him when he's physically exhausted because his mind will be less playful and all over the place.
With that bloodline, surely he's one agile dog and loves to play and run with other dogs, you can sometimes take him to dog parks.
Play with puppy as they like to play.Take him for walk , make him run. This will help you train him. you can also take dog trainer's help.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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