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Brag Tag delay

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Hey all,

Steve Wood of ImprintablePets just emailed me to let me know there has been a death in the family along with computer problems, and that's why some of the brag tags ordered have been delayed. He apologized and wanted me to let you all know they haven't been forgotten!
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Thanks for letting us know Jade. My friend ordered quite a few of them weeks ago and has been getting frustrated because she hasn't heard anything or received them. I'll let her know what happened.
Oh no, I hate that happend. I hope all is well soon.

Thanks for letting us know. :)
Thanks for letting us know, Jade.

I'm sorry for your loss, Steve.
I'm not sure how I missed this thread, but thanks for letting us know Jade. My friend and I were wondering what had happened to ours. Glad to know they're not forgotten. Thanks!
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