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Breathing problems?

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OK I have a female degu she's around 1 or 2 years old( I don't really know her age because I got her from my school because they needed new homes in february and she had a respitory infection so the doctor gave her some medicine for her for 15 days. And last month she got it again and the doctor put her on that same medicine last month except for a month and she still seems to have breathing problems is it possible because of the bedding I use or could it be from the coldness of my appartment because my grandma needs to keep it cool the appartment because she can't b in the heat. I have a heat lamp for them. And the type of bedding I use for them is like shreded soft cardboard or something. And I live in York and don't get to big places that have a lot more variety of stuff for my goos So when I do go to Lincoln or something I tried to get stuff for all my animals. So please help me I don't know what I'd do if I lost my baby girl. And my other animals sneeze too so could it be because of how cold it is in my appartment because of my grandma. And my vent is closed in my room but it still is cold and my door is closed all the time too. It's about 70 degrees in the appartment and its usually in the 70 to 80 degrees range.
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the school was probably kept at an inadequate temperature most of the time, since schools are always inefficient with providing proper care to their animals... she could have some permanent damage to her lungs and a 2nd vet appointment may be necessary-let the vet know that the medication isn't working...
if you have a larger cage, then try providing a 2nd heat lamp-one for the bottom floor and one for the top floor... or maybe try separating the female from the other degus just in case she might have something contagious... you might also try keeping her in an aquarium, since they are usually easier to keep warmer than open wire cages... a vented lid with a heating pad and heat emitter in it would keep her pretty toasty
do you have a heating pad for them? that'll help keep the bedding warm
you could also try buying a room heater to heat your room, keep it plugged in, in your room and try stuffing a towel or piece of cloth under the door so the heat doesn't escape from your room and the coldness can't come in... keep your window closed tight on colder days and open it on warmer days and keep your heater off on those days...
and also, how much attention do you provide to your degus? depressed animals who are lacking attention are more suspectable to getting sick than happy degus who receive regular attention... how is her eating and drinking intake and energy level? does she seem lethargic or is lacking appetite?
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well shes pretty active and I take care of them and try to hold and pet them for awhile if I'm not too busy and last time I but her in a warm place she started to get lethargic and didnt do anything because it was warm and she got limp when she was warm too. And she eat quite a bit and same with drinking. And If its the respirtory infection I can see it having permanent damage and shes usually on the top with her friend zekke and only goes to the botton to eat and drink. I've turned the air off and they all seem to be doing a lot better it seems they are all active and everything. Only good thing is her breathing isnt rasp really anymore. They only time I see major problems is when I pick her up to check her breathing she'll gasp and her breathing is normal and its only when you pick her up she gasps
if she was housed at the school a while then she could have permanent damage or she might just have a thing where she rasps- i don't think it's too big of a deal if she's active and such, it might sound bad at times but she might just rasp all the time kind of like my rabbit does- he was always kept in a cold place in his last home so he kind of breathes funny and rasps occasionally now but the vet's pronounced him with clean, healthy lungs...
if you got her from the school, it will probably be hard to figure an age, but also, if she is an older degu, then she might rasp anyway, most animals do begin to breathe funny and rasp as they get older (also another reason my rabbit has funny breathing), just in general, everything starts to breathe funny as it ages, she might just be an older degu, too
Ok thank you and ya she could be old she seems to me like she'd b like 3 or 4 and they usually last up to 8 years
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