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We have been struggling with her breed(s).
We are certain she is part Sheppard but uncertain of the rest. And her personality just brings more confusion!
For instance...she RARELY barks. The only time she does is if my husband and/or I appear to her as if we are in danger. And if someone knocks, but she quickly stops when realizing we are accepting of our guests.

Her more frequently used communication is HOWLING! She does this when she's excited or when she wants something.

Other personality traits consist of being overly affectionate, playful (which she does roughly), intelligence, curious, and loyal.
Sometimes annoying (she tends to become your shadow, resulting in us constantly being tripped.
Lastly, she has some anxiety issues from thunder and fireworks and it causes her to tremble uncontrollably and whimper.

Sooo...based on this info, we were hoping to get ideas on what other breed possibilities she may be
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