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This forum is for informational purposes and allows members or guests seeking a breeder to find one.

  • Please feel free to list yourself, and include the name of your breeding facility (if applicable), your name, what you breed, and your location.

  • As this is not a classifieds section, please refrain from posting currently available animals or prices.

  • Do not post your opinions of the breeder in any form in this forum. If you have issues with a breeder you need to contact them outside of Paw-Talk to resolve those issues.

  • Paw-Talk is not responsible for any transactions that occur from a listing on this web site.

  • Do not 'bump' your threads in this forum to move them to the top of the thread list. It is not a classified ad, but instead listing yourself so others may find a breeder nearby.

  • By posting in this forum, you are agreeing to having read these rules and to abide by them. Any posts which do not follow the rules may be edited or deleted without notice to the poster.

These rules may change at any time and without warning.
It is the poster's responsibility to know and follow the above rules.
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Not open for further replies.