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Brenna and C-Barq

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Brenna is a 6 month old female, black Lab our family is raising for a dog guide school. This is taken from a recent email about Brenna, ''National Assistant Dog Temperament Consortium and other dog guide schools in tracking temperament with the hopes to find genetic components. In doing so we need more information about your puppy. With the second questionnaire around 6 months of age will be an extensive questionnaire called the C-BARQ. This questionnaire will be sent to the National Assistant Dog Temperament Consortium and they will send us back a profile that we will be able to easily track along with other dog guide schools.''

This is part of a huge Penn State study going back to at least 2005. We all know genetics has a big effect on behavior, but not just how much. Penn State is helping find out. The assistance dog schools provide a large body of dogs with known genetic background and follow up contact into adulthood.
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