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Brown on degus teeth??

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Dear all. My olders degu has for the last week touched his teeth constantly (looks like he`s itching in his nose/teeth). When I got a better look today, it looks as the two front teeth are a bit dark brown in the middle. I think he has lost some weight too. He was on a check up at the vets a month ago and they didn`t find anything wrong. But this is a new problem. They eat right food and have loads of wood to chew on.

Anyone been through this or know what the diagnosis might be?

Thank you in advance for any replies...
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One thing more, it`s not all the way down on the middle of his teeth. If you look straight at him you can`t see anything. It`s far up under, right under his nose :p Can it maybe be decayed/carious? (The only translation I found)...
sounds like decay but the vet would be the best person to ask.just keep an eye on him to makle sure he's still eating and drinking.
I have never heard of a vet dentist, has anyone heard how they treat a decay on degus? :p
all vets would eb trained to do dentals,seen them on cats and dogs,same as our selves, just use the scarey loud machiene to scrape off the decay.. maybe????i dunno
Mine are starting to exhibit these symptoms, what happened with yours?
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