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bun questions

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so I really want to bring home some buns in about a year or so, I am trying to do as much research on it as I possibly can before hand.

I really want to get a little mini rex buck and a little mini hoot doe.

I certainly want to make sure that i get them both fixed if I do go this route.

I am not sure if I can get both at the same time and I am probably not going to try to go that option.

I just know the chances of me getting the other while I still have the other is fairly well since rabbits do live for quite a while.

if anyone has any recommendations for me on how to handle the situation that would be really helpful I am trying to do as much reseach as I can before hand…i just wanted to see what other opinions on how i can handle this as best i can……

when and if the time does come if anything I plan on bring home a cute lil mini rex probably next summer.
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Maybe it's just because im tired and read to fast but what i see so far is your question is whether or not to get them fixed at the same time?
If this is your question, i would deff. get them both done together. however this all depends on your vet. Of course he wouldn;t be fixing both rabbits at the same time but he should be able to get two rabbits fixed in one day....I would also suggest you keep them apart for 1-2 days before introducing them after surgery.
It takes up to a few months for them to be actually "infertile" after a neuter. Meaning, a newly neutered male bunny can still impregnate a female because the right stuff is still there.
Get them separate and then bond them. I also recommend rescuing them. I live in a small city compared to mainland Canada and our rescue is after having a few mini rex's and a couple hotots. Bonus of rescues is sometimes the rabbits are adopted out already spayed-neutered.
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