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Bunny Chewing

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Hi I recently brought a lionhead in April and I try to let her out of her cage as much as possible but every time I let her out she starts to chew the woodworks and the walls. I tried clapping but that does not faze her anymore. I have brought her many chew sticks and a chewable tunnel. She chews on those sometimes but she still chews the walls more. Today my mother brought me a bottle of Hartz Clean Earth Chew Prevention Spray. Does anybody know if this will be okay to use to spray on my bunny's favorite chew spots. The ingredients listed on the bottle are water, bittering agent, Alcohol(Derived from Corn) and preservatives. I don't want to make her sick and I also do not want all the walls in my house to be destroyed so I need to find a solution fast. Thanks
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Try lining the walls with cardboard. Does she have enough hay? If not spayed could be jormones making her agitated
The only problem with the cardboard is that my bunny likes to run around in the entire upstairs of my house so I do not think I would be able to cover all the wall space. And even when I keep her in my bedroom it is still to much wall space to cover. I always make sure she has enough hay. She doesn't chew the walls every minute she is out of the cage but she still has done a lot of damage in the little time I have had her. That's why I want to know if I can use the spray. I want to be able to let her run around with out having to have my eyes on her every second or keep her confined in a tiny space. Thanks for your suggestions.
Limit her space. Idk about the spray, depends o the rabbit if itll work for her
OK. So it is safe for me to try the spray to see if it works for her?
. If its foranimals it should be. Id try lemon extract first. Or slapping uour hand on the ground. Yhat shows dizpleasure is the rabbit world some peole have a lot kf luck with ivory bar soap, the originsl too.
I use this Fooey gel stuff for Smudge, and it works pretty well. :) IMO it is easier to use than the sprays.
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