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Hi guys i just took my 3 month old dwarf lop mix benji to the vet yesterday and got his first vaccination (i live in australia). And then today i put him on the bed so he could run around and watch tv with me (his favourite ;) ) and he was just walking around exploring then just started limping.. He wasn't running or jumping and he did not knock it on anything. I called the vet, and they gave some advice. But has anyone known this to happen?

He is still eating and drinking and moving around and being a happy bunny, but i will take him to the vet first thing in the morning, any advice?


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I moved this to the rabbit section, you should get more responses here.

Was the vaccination done on or around that leg? Rabbits in the US don't need vaccinations, but I know when my dog gets his shots he's usually sore around the vaccination site for a couple of days.

Hopefully it's nothing serious - maybe could he have broken a nail or anything like that? I'm not sure - we can't really tell you what's wrong over the internet, but hopefully the vet can figure it out. Let us know what they say! I hope your bunny is feeling better soon.
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