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bunny rabbit questions

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i have decided to get a bunny, i was talking with a lady whos rabbits had babies and she saved one for me, he is 5-6 weeks old which makes me worried. is it ok for bunnies ro leave so early? i know if dogs leave early sometimes they have some problems layer because they didnt have time for the mom toteach it all the ettiquet and things haha, is this true for bunnies? i have had bunnies before but they were a lot older when i got them. i just want my new little friend to be happy.
and what kind of things can i do to get him settled in and make him feel less scared?
i want him to be happy in his house so i got a large dog crate, what kimd of bedding can i pit on it? it has removable tray, will the wired hurt his feet, and so you think shredded newspaper is ok for some bedding on the floor part.
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I think I responded in another thread by you.. Make sure bunny is NEVER standing on wire. Remove it.
When bunny gets big enough, build her a cage using C&C cubes available from walmart and target or any other hardware store. Bunnies need a cage they can stretch in, stand up in, run around in.
Alfalfa hay. Lots of it. Unlimited amounts for a baby bunny. Some soft bedding like carefresh and fleece blankets will help her get comfortable.
OK. So you just adopted a rabbit and it is your first one. And suddenly you have all kind of questions on your mind about pet rabbit care. This article will answer the most common ones that everyone wonder about pet rabbit care.
Owning a rabbit can be considered a privilege as well as a rewarding experience especially for children. Bunny rabbits are just the same as any the other pets and they also need the same amount of care and attention in order to keep them healthy and contented with their environment.
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