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I'm new here, and I have joined to ask this question specifically. My mother was tilling her garden & tilled over a rabbit's burrow. It killed two babies, one was injured and the other two were ok. She called me to take in the survivors. After researching, we tried to take them back to their nest, but they kept crawling out in the hot sun, and one died and the other two were covered in ants, so we took them back. We have been feeding our now only survivor KMR & he eats well. I should mention that he is only probably three days old. He still has a tiny bit of umbilical cord. He was the only one that would urinate and defecate, and he seemed to be doing fantastic. Unfortunately, I think I overfed him today. This evening he has developed a lump on his lower abdomen, and it looks large and very wrong. I want so badly for this little guy to make it, for his sake and mine and my kids. There are no bunny rehabbers in my area and I have tried the Wildlife Refuge and a vet. No one says anything except, "It's nearly impossible to raise a wild baby bunny." Ugh. Please don't respond here with that. I know our chance is 1%. I am just hoping and praying for a miracle here.


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