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Bunny run?

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Snowball is a Netherland Dwarf. (I think that is how you spell it.)

She is a Russian pattern, does NOT like car rides, she freaks out so badly I think she might have a heart attack. Which is why I never took her to the vet, so she is not fixed.

I've had for seven years now. She is a hutch in the basement, where it's nice and quiet for her. (Since my mother babysits, I thought being in the basement would be best. Haha)

I would let her outside. (Without leash, or rabbit run) And she would stay by me. Until one day she thought it would be funny if she ran away. I chased after her and she jumped in dirty deep mud puddle. :doh:

Since then, I keep her in the house. But she never runs and I want her to get out and get those little legs moving. I've been thinking about a harness and a leash for her. But I could make a rabbit run. Which do you think would be best?

I am also thinking about seeing if I could house train her, so she can live in my room instead of the hutch. But is she too old to be house broken now?
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They are never too old to be litter box trained, but it's really difficult to litter train them if they aren't fixed. Since she is a little older, she might be better with it though.
My Smudge is 7 1/2 years old, and he has free range of my bedroom. He is litter box trained really well (and nuetered), so other than the furniture and carpet destruction he is a pretty good boy LOL. He loves to run laps around my room every night, and if you are downstairs you can hear him tearing around. :p
It never hurts to try!
Snowball sounds like she might be a lot like my Barnaby - he's the same way about traveling. He has been to the vet, but he gets so stressed out over the whole thing that my vet suggested I only bring him in when it's really necessary. Luckily I was able to get him fixed though.

I personally am not a huge fan of harnesses and leashes for rabbits. I think it can depend on the rabbit whether or not they take to it. You could try it with your rabbit if you want, but I'm personally more of a fan of using enclosed runs for outdoor exercise.

You can teach an old rabbit new tricks! Her age shouldn't effect her ability to learn to use a litter box. However, like Jess already said, the fact that she's not fixed might complicate things.
Smudge freaks out during car rides too, but he kinda has to deal with it when we go to the vets. I just bring lots of treats along, and keep him in his carrier.
Okay. Thanks! :hehe:

But I have no idea how to potty train a bunny. She always poos in one spot of her hutch, so I thought about putting a box there...
What kind of litter should I use for her?
Gah, so many things to ask. :blush:

I am planning on building a rabbit run for her and getting a leash. Thought it would be fun to try out both.
Potty training them is easy, since it comes naturally to most buns. Get her a nice and roomy litter box (a square cat litter box works the best), put it in her favorite bathroom corner, and fill it with litter. My favorite litter is Feline Pine. Yesterday's News, wood pellets used for stoves and horse bedding, and basically anything that is paper based or aspen is fine. You want to avoid clay, corn cob, pine that isn't in pellet form, and cedar. Take out all the rest of the bedding in her cage, because otherwise it will confuse her on where her bathroom spot is. You can put a towel or blankie down for her instead, as long as she doesn't eat it.
Put her hay in her litter box too, since they tend to poop where they eat LOL.

Like I mentioned before, she might not be as reliable at using her litter box since she isn't fixed. But most of the older un-spayed females I've met still do pretty good with it, since their hormones have died down a little.
Okay, I'll try it. Hopefully it will come easy to her. :)
Thank you.
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