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Bunny training, any suggestions?

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Currently, my buns are confined to their condo, when I'm not home. When I am home, they're allowed to roam free around my room. I want to start letting them roam the living room as well, but I don't want them to run off and hide because it takes a lot of effort to get them out from under the couch, behind furniture, etc, etc, I was thinking about getting them harnesses (sp?) to maybe get them use to the new area and also, to get them to use a litter box when in such area.

is this a good idea? for the most part, they're well behaved buns but they tend to go a little nuts and get excited when I give them more running space, i do think they need more space to play and I know my mom would enjoy having them with her sometimes when she's in the kitchen/living room.
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i tried using a harness around benji inside once and it was awful! she fully freaked out and started sprinting around so i was having to run after her, and then she karate chopped my arms with her front paws when i tried to get it off :p So now i stick to NIC pannels also!
1 - 1 of 13 Posts
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