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Bunny trying to mate with chinchilla!

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I've been slowly introducing my new bunny to my chinchilla and they seemed really interested in each other so tonight I had them both out on the couch (usually they have separate play times on the couch and are perfectly happy just running back and forth and over me.)

They were doing great, happily checking each other out, then my bunny tried to mate with my chinchilla! Well, I definitely know he's a boy now, but he's too young to neuter yet. He was born July 8th so he's only 10 weeks old. Isn't he too young for this type of behavior? I stopped it quickly, and made sure to intervene if he was getting behind her but let them run around for a bit longer.

My chin is female but she's older (6-7 years old) and has never been fixed (no reason to). And she definitely did not appreciate the bunny invasion!

So should I just keep them apart until he's been neutered?

Also, he constantly pees on me! I swear he's doing it on purpose. He isn't peeing anywhere else. I set out a litter box and put a couple paper towels with his pee on it (that I mopped off my shirt) on the bottom and added some bedding. I also put all his little poops in there (he poops constantly and everywhere!). He'll jump in there and kind of dig and sniff around, but hop right out and back on me and pee! He's very friendly and will cuddle with me, but then pees. I don't hold him down and let him go when he wants to and he seems to have a lot of fun jumping around all over the sectional so I don't understand why he has chosen me to pee on! Is he marking me as his territory? LOL

Any suggestions for that would be greatly appreciated. I've started putting a towel over myself whenever he's out! And will definitely be getting him fixed when he's old enough.

Other than that, I am totally in love with my little bun! He's got such a big personality already and is fun to watch. Especially when he gets his little twitches and starts jumping around and being hyper. It's so funny! :D
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Yes keep them separated. His behaviour can lead to one of them getting hurt. Fortunately there is no chance of impregnation since he's a lagamorph and she's a rodent but still. His behaviour is typical and normal, he is getting his hormones and learning how to use them. I'm not sure the actual age of sexual maturation off the top of my head but they also do it for dominance and control.
His jumping and twisting is called bunny binkies in the community. Youtube it, they're hilarious.
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