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Busta my best friend

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There i was- just your ordinary pup getting adopted by a kind average family with jodie(the mum) Steve (the dad) callie ( the daughter and my best friend) and dylan (the strange brother) i sat in the car and i heard mum and dad talking i was listening then they said “lets call him busta.” they gave me a cuddle and callie ( who was just a baby) smiled she liked me- the whole family did!
We got home and i sniffed out my new surroundings it smelt nice and friendly i felt welcome in this new yard. Jodie came out to see me and then turned to steve and said “what if he hurts callie.” what thats not very nice like i would hurt someone as adorable as callie- but dylan now that’s another story! from that moment on i vowed to never hurt callie or the rest of the family in any way what so ever.
i remember callie’s first birthday she had some friends over and i got the left overs of the party food but then i got a little bit too excited and accidently hit callie with my tail she started to cry i went up to her and licked her to say “I’m sorry.”
after the party, she was playing with her ball then she lost it and accused me of having it so she stuck her hand in my mouth and down my throat i didn’t mind i just kept my mouth open.
a few years later (when callie was 4 and 1 month old) a new family member came in the family- Tegan i went up to tegan and sniffed her.
not long after she was born, we all moved houses to a place that wasn’t as good as a house as the other one when callie turned 6, she was playing in the back yard when suddenly she fell over i came running to her rescue she laughed when i came up to her she really liked it.
then we moved again to a much better house one day the girls were dancing on a plastic table and i thought that i might join them i put my two front paws on the table and BOOM we all fell through it tegan and myself were alright but callie had 3 cuts on her- one on her back, one on her leg and one on her hand- oh no i had hurt her again! but callie was not crying she was just laughing but she was a bit embarrassed.
one month before our tenth birthday ( i shared a birthday with Callie) we welcomed another animal a little Labrador puppy- bindi i sniffed her out and ran around i was sooooo happy to have a friend with me so happy that i ripped up my favorite toy.
i cuddled up to bindi and then ran around like the day would never end i had a friend.
4 months before my 13th birthday, i suddenly felt sick i didn’t eat and could hardly walk callie came out and started to cry “remember when we got bindi, and how happy you were, make sure you visit me i am going to be lost without my bussy- i don’t know life with out you busta why do you have to go? i will miss you soo much no bussy no don’t be sick don’t leave me i just wish i could hear you bark just 1 more time, i don’t like seeing you like this bussy i mean you are my twin we have something special.”
then jodie and steve took me for 1 last car ride we went down to a place where 2 kind ladies put a needle in me the pain went away and then i was gone-away from the family and the world.
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