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Cage and playpen setup (video)

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Hi everyone! I know that from time to time we have people who ask about cage setups and such, so I took this short video today after cleaning the boys' cage to show my playpen setup. (Their beloved Barbie stable is not in the video, because it is still drying. It usually connects to that beige fabric bag so they can run in and out easily.)

You can hear the boys munching away in the background. :D

Please feel free to use this thread to share your own photos and videos of your setups! It's always great to see everyone's different ways of entertaining their furry kids!

ETA: I should also note that the front section wall of the playpen (the part that is cut a bit lower) opens up and during the evening the boys have a large running area that I line with blankets (in order to cover the carpet).
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Ahhh, Breyer, you have the NICEST set up ever! I never get over how cool it is! If I was a rat, I would be over at the playpen area every day to play! Your boys are sooo lucky! You know what I noticed that just tickled me? Right next to the cutout section that is connected to their cage ramp (the door to the play area if you will) I noticed a little white cup/tub filled with what looked like little ratty toys? That was so precious! It looked like, "Hey, here is the boys' playroom and right next to the door is their toy box!" :D

So sweet!! Fantastic set up. (And I loved hearing them munching in the background!)
Thanks, Vlad! Yes--that little tub is their toybox. It has a bunch of little rubber balls and cat toys in it, and they know to go over to it to take out anything they want to play with. :D

Whenever I am home, the cage is open and they have free access to their playpen. Usually they like to take their afternoon/morning naps in their cardboard fort (they have a nest with blankies in there) or in the white fabric pouch. They also get their breakfast and dinner in the playpen. :)
Aww, what a pampered life your boys lead! It sounds wonderful!
Lucky little guys!
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