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cage for my mice

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Hey all sorry I have not been on in a while, school and work have been rather hectic. My main reason for this post is the fact that I REALLY want to get my mice a bigger cage. They currently have a 10 gallon tank with a wired top addition for more space. I really do not want to keep them in a tank at all, it was meant to be temporary, but I can not seem to find a wired cage that is the size I want anywhere. It is getting rather frustrating! I know I need a wired cage with the bar spacing being 1/2" at most, but can not find one. Ugh!
So I guess my question any of you know where I can find a larger wired cage with the proper spacing to house mice? Or have any of you ever converted a bird cage into a safe mouse cage?
I have been seriously considering a bird cage, then obviously buying or building platforms to make it mouse friendly. Any suggestions or ideas are welcomed and greatly appreciated. Thank you for taking the time to read my post :)
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Have you considered making a cage? Hardware cloth works well. I've used it with my rats, and it should have versions that are narrow enough for mice.

Here's some links to building hardware cloth rat cages (which you can adapt for your mice's needs) to get you started:

Also, look into Martin's cages. They have 1/2 x 1/2 inch wire mesh. They're cheap for what you get. Make sure you request 'powder coating' instead of galvanized as plain galvanized absorbs pee odors and deteriorates much faster:
Thanks tons Story! I think I will definitely build my 4 girls a nice big cage....well I will make their daddy do it, since he is a handyman. Of course I will help, but I am positive Bradley will do a way better job than me haha. I will have to run the idea by him and see what he thinks, I'm sure he will say yes. I am so looking forward to my girls having a better cage and getting out of that tank :)
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