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Hi! Sorry for my bad English.

But I went to the veterinary yesterday with my 4 yrs and 3 months old rabbit (neutered). The last yrs she has been having an active life. She has been allowed to jump around in the apartment and she does thoes "binkys" from time to time.

I noticed she was becoming more aggressive (especially towards my dog, and he didn't provoke her), so I took her to the vet.

She suspected something was wrong with 1 of her joints (foreleg), and we took X-rays of her. The vet said that she has calcification in the joint in one of her arms.

A "rabbit expert" I know (has written a rabbit book, soon to come out in English!) said that calcification is painful and that she has to get painkillers. The vet said we should give her painkillers for 3-6 days to see if she becomes less aggressive (if she's in pain). But the expert who has written the book says that she's in pain anyway. The vet seemed a little rough with the rabbit too, so I don't know who to believe.

My rabbit doesn't like basil (or salads), so we have to pick her up and hold her tight every time we give her the painkillers (syringe).
She doesn't like that at all, and I noticed that it's stressing her.

I don't know what to do. She also have to live indoors for the rest of her life, because bad weather and cold weather can make her illness even worse.

Anyone here that has had a rabbit with calcification?


Oh, and btw, the plan was that she would live outdoors with my other two rabbits when the spring comes, but she can't do that now. And I don't think I can keep her indoors where I live, she doesn't seem pleased. I've had her for 3,5 yrs and now she has started to hide under the sofa. I don't know what's best for her anymore.

I am thinking of selling her to some persons with another rabbit (so that they can bonde them), but I don't think anyone would want to buy a sick rabbit and give painkillers the rest of her life (it's expencive too)
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