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Our chinchilla passed away a month ago and we still have some bags of food left over.

I am in urgent need of food for my pet mice since we just ran out and I don't know when we can get more (the pet store is an hour drive away) so I was wondering if the chinchilla's food would be safe for the mice. There is a bag of hay pellets and a bag of seed mix. It was made for chins.

Obviously this will be a very temporary substitute so they will have their mouse food (lab blocks) back asap, But for a couple of days to maybe a week would it be okay to give them the hay pellets and seeds?

I know it is unhealthy for a permanent diet for them but would it be better to just not feed them until their food arrives?? How long can a mouse last before starving to death? I imagine it wouldn't be long. I don't want my babies to starve.

EDIT: This is what the chinchilla's seed mix has in it if it helps to know:
chinchilla hay pellets
oat groats
fruit flavoured morsels
pumpkin seed
coconut chips
banana chips (I think they can't have bananas? if not I can take these out)
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