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Hi all!!!!

I'm an Los Angeles based casting assistant and we are looking for adoption stories!!!!! We are casting a commercial that will be re-creating your heartwarming journey of finding your new furry best friend. It's for a major car brand and it auditions on Friday, Oct 3rd. We are looking for hispanic families as it is for the hispanic market. We are casting a wide net, from San Diego to San Francisco. If you aren't in the general LA Friday, but are in Cali, you can send in a short 5min video of you telling your story and it will be submitted to the client for consideration. The company is willing to travel for the perfect story! We all love our fur babies and I'm sure there are some who are eager to tell their stories. You will be compensated per shoot day, there may be up to three of them.

Thanks for taking a look!

Canvas Casting
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