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cat fishing!

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I was cleaning my tank, doing a wc, and Tiger took some interest in my tanks

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neat pix
lol so cute...gotta love when the kitties wanna help out lol
wow.. you really need to clean that tank.. and you got some help from that kitty.. :D
lol..yeah, I definitely needed to gravel vac it thats for sure..
Oh my gosh how silly :p
We have a turtle and whenever I go to feed him our kitten goes nuts and jumps on her scratching post in front of the tank and chases the turtle. When we clean the tank she tries to get in it
My cat always used to help too. As soon as the lid came off the tank that is. But i had this one really smart fish that would splash back and forth through the tank and get my cat soaked (and my carpet) so after a while the cat stopped caring.
Love those pics! Luckily my cats haven't taken much of an interest in my aquarium, except once when we had visitors one of my cats panicked and tried to jump in the tank....happily we had the cover closed.:rolleyes:
My old tomcat has never even noticed my tanks. He doesn't even seem to notice the mice I have either, not that I'd ever trust him alone with them. Those are some cute pics, he seems so intense. :D
1 - 12 of 12 Posts
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