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Cat got my two girls..

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A few weeks ago a cat got ahold of my two girls. They are both doing fine now. :D

June was grabbed by the cat and the cat took off into my backyard. I chased the cat for about 4 minutes untill she finally dropped her. I was very worried I was going to loose her. And was also very worried about her right arm/shoulder. She was in shock for about 24 hours after the attack and wouldnt use her right arm or paw for almost a week, I was concerned that something was broken but she is using it just fine now, even climbing up branches.

Dora's tail was part way out of the cage and the cat grabbed her tail before she got June. Dora lost about a third of her tail. I had never delt with a tail injury with a goo before so I was pretty freaked out. I found info online to stop the bleeding and got it stopped petty quickly after. She is almost done chewing the exposed bone off..

My question now becomes, When will it be okay for me to put Dora back into her cage? It is must easier to keep the 25 gallon tank clean than it is to keep the cage clean and Im worried about infection. The tank that she is in now is cleaned at least twice a day to avoid infection..
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What a terrible scare! Glad to hear that your goos are doing fine now.

I would think that as long as there are no open wounds that Dora can go back into the cage. I've never had a goo with a tail issue before - but it's been several weeks so it should have healed by now, I'd think. You probably have already referred to them but there are several degu-specific forums where you can discuss this with degu owners who have shared similar experiences like degu world and degutopia – they would probably be in a better position to advise.
There isnt any open wound, but there is a bit of bone still exposed, i wasnt sure if skin would grow back over it or not, ive posted to degutopia but havent checked it yet, thank you!
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