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Cat pregnancy

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So, there is a cat near us but we dont know much about it exept that its a very relaxed cat. Well today I went to stroke it and it looked pregnanant. Another thing I know about the cat is that it has had 3 litters before. Is it possible that it isnt preganant and the stomach muscles have loosned to leave a permanent preganant look, I havent felt the stomach to see if the cat is preggo but I will try to do that if it would help. The only reason am worried is that it isnt ever indoors, I know that the owners just leave it food and water outside the door and the rest of the time they dont have any involvement, so it wont have a safe place to have the kittens.
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she is probably preggo, if a cat has had a few litters in between their tummy is long and floppy kind of, once they are preggo it looks like a pear with legs almost.

chances are she will find a good spot to have them, one of our cats had some in a tree in a hole. they are creative. You could try and give her a woodbox like thing but chances are she won't have them where you would hope she would.
That makes me feel better, she looks like shes around three weeks so when would you say she is due? She likes to sleep in this cat box that my grandad made for my grandmas cat, coco. I will line it with blankets and put food and water for her just incase she wants to have it there. I would let her come into my house but she doesnt get along with my cat so my dad wont allow it.
with all the feral cats here having babbies I can tell you they will find the place they feel safest to have their little ones. Our Mama kitty (feral) had hers in our dog house (before we trapped her and got her fixed) the kitty trusted my dogs completely and thats where she felt safe...another stray had hers in our shed (small kitty door in it for the ferals we have adopted lol) We have found them in hollowed out trees, in bushes...just everywhere. Its hard to just watch I know, hopefully the family will step up and take care of her, its so sad that they just keep her outside. I am glad she has you to keep an eye on her :)
1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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