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Cat seizure

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I think my cat had a seizure last night. Her front paw kind of got frozen up by her face and her pupils were very dialated. She didn't defacate or urinate and it only lasted a (very long) minute. She went and ate right away then vomited. Scared the you know what out of me. She was recently diagnosed with CRF (although i think it was an accute episode) I have cut back on her sub-Q treatments and she is getting better as a matter of fact her blood levels are normal and she has gained all weight back. After about 5 minutes of holding her I let her down and she seemed back to normal. She never did this before. She is 7 years old. I am going to call her vet today for his opinion. But I know he's going to ask for more bloodwork.
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Well, I don't know very much about cats, but I do know about dog and human seizures. Often the seizures can be upsetting because there isn't much you can do once one starts. I would discourage her from eating directly after an episode. Usually the animal is thirsty afterwards and some drinking is okay. Some people/animals bounce back from their seizures quickly, others take a little bit (hour or so). My dog that had seizures had them begin abruptly and we thought he had been poisoned, but the vet couldn't find anything wrong with him. If she was just frozen this sounds like a less severe episode (absence seizure). Here is a wikipedia article on seizure types in humans: Seizure types - Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Your best bet is to remain calm when she enters an episode. If she begins convulsing you should move things out of the way so she has room to move. I would definitely get with your vet and see if he/she can find the cause.
Poisoning may also cause seizures (if it isn't the CRF). I would look around for anything she could have got in to. Best wishes, I'm pulling for you!
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She had a mild seizure and is much better now. The vet doesn't think it will happen again and was due to prior kidney trouble. Thank you all for your concern and hugs!!:)
Maia update

My poor baby had 2 episodes today. I'm so worried abou her now. I just got her healthy after kidney trouble now this. I eally don't know how many she has a day because I'm not here all day or if she's in the other room I don't see it. It's possible there were 3 today. It scares me that there are so many right now I don't want to lose her yet.:(
You'll probably want to give the vet a call about this. That's a lot for one day. Make sure she keeps hydrated. The seizures can be very strenuous on an animal's body. Are you noticing any patterns to when she starts an episode (after eating, drinking, playing, etc)? Try to take note of anything like that and let your vet know. The more information he/she has the better the diagnosis.
keep us updated
Poor Kitty :(
Were you able to get her to the vet to be looked at again?
I hope she will be okay!
How old is she?

Sending you and kitty a :console:

I thought I nailed the culprit, but I didn't. I was giving her, her favorite treats which they've repackaged and possibly changed the formula. She stopped for a few days when I stopped giving them to her (and boy does she beg for them), but the last 3-4 days she had 2 very mild attacks. With these she stays lucid and focuses on my face. They don't last long at all now (less than a minute) and she's up and running around in no time. She is just 7 years old. Her weight is good and her blood counts were almost normal (close enough for the vet to say they were normal). I'm taking her this week for sub-Q's so we'll update. Thank you all for your kind words and thoughts.
no problem
best wishes for you, i know seizures are scary, my fiance has epilepsy
I hope she is okay.
How is Maia doing, Jo-Ann? Any updates? I hope all is well. We have a kitty, Snuggles, that has seizures from time to time and I know how scary it is. :( :hug:
my cat mama used to have seizures all the broke my heart every time, hers were all part of her FIP :(

I hope your sweet baby is doing better and that the vet can figure out what the trigger is
yeah hope you figuier out whT IS TRIGGERING IT SOON
Maia update

My baby girl is doing much better. I'm not going to take her back to the vet unless she has a major episode. They seem to come and go and she hasn't had any (knock wood) in about a week. I was right about the trigger and have thrown out the treats she loves so much. She is such a goofy cat, her new favorite place to play is the bathtub. Jumps around in it like a crazy cat, scratches at it like she is digging an escape tunnel, then goes flying out of the bathroom like something is chasing her. Cracks me up.
Thanks again to all of you and I definitely feel the love. You have all helped me stay somewhat calm through all of this.
We do are best to keep people calm through the tough times glad you found out wht was doing that to her
I'm glad everything ended up alright. I'd love to see your kitty. She sounds really fun.
More on Maia

Happy Valentine's day to you all and it was a very happy one for me.:confetti: Maia has been seizure free for over a month. It was those darn treats after all. She is such a loving kitty, and has been even more so while my hisband was in the hospital for cardiac procedures. Right now her little nose is bright pink (red?) and looks just a little swollen. Probably nothing, but I'll definitely keep my eye on it.
awww i understand about the treats ck loves his treats as you can tell..LOL
I am soo happy to hear that she is okay!
Can I ask what brand they are? I wanna avoid them.
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