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Cat seizure

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I think my cat had a seizure last night. Her front paw kind of got frozen up by her face and her pupils were very dialated. She didn't defacate or urinate and it only lasted a (very long) minute. She went and ate right away then vomited. Scared the you know what out of me. She was recently diagnosed with CRF (although i think it was an accute episode) I have cut back on her sub-Q treatments and she is getting better as a matter of fact her blood levels are normal and she has gained all weight back. After about 5 minutes of holding her I let her down and she seemed back to normal. She never did this before. She is 7 years old. I am going to call her vet today for his opinion. But I know he's going to ask for more bloodwork.
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The treats are "Whisker Lickins" soft treats salmon flavor. I had a full container that I threw out. She is staring at me as I type which is one of her favorite things to do. We often have staring contests LOL. She wanted me to sit with her while she eats. Not too spoiled is she? I haven't figured out how to get her picture on here but if you look in this string at Jackie's note she has a kittyon it's back that looks like Maia only a little fatter :)
Whisker Lickens and Seizure

Ok, here's what happened.

My older cat, 8 years old, had a seizure 2/29/08 for the first time in her life.

I don't know if coincidence or not, I gave her Whisker Lickins CRAB flavor for the first time. The middle one, had a bad episode of diahrrea that same day.

I really don't know if those treats are or not the culprit, but it just happened and just gave them some treats.....then I read the episode with Salmon flavor.

I'm keeping the container with the food and I will try to contact someone in ASPCA.

Is there a procedure or something that we should follow to make other cat lovers aware of this "possible" issue?
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