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cat vomit

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My cat just threw up the food i gave her about 10 minutes ago(10:40). She doesn't necessarily do this with her wet food. I gave her the food and I went to the bathroom. I came back to find her food on the floor. It did not smell putrid, it only smelled like her wet food. I did see what looked like a strand of grass.
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What did the grass look like? Was it clear colored or green? Your cat could have worms, I had a rescued cat that had this happen. Maybe you just need to worm it.
More likely the "grass" made her vomit. If one of my cats gets into a plant and eats a bit of it, he vomits it up soon after along with whatever else he's just eaten (or bile, if he hasn't eaten anything). Try and figure out what the "grass" is so that your cat doesn't eat any more of it. Also, keep an eye on her and see if the vomiting continues or not.
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