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I feed three cats in the a.m. at 6:15 a.m. Dry food. They were at my apartment when I moved in and they were eating out of the garbage. I detested that so I put down a soft blanket and some water at first.Then, I put out dry food. The 3 came and started eating on a regular basis. I put down food at 4 p.m. and it started to get cold at night. The 3 cuddled up and sleep all night on my porch. At first, the management says, " you can't do that." So I said, " I cannot leave them to starve, and they live here because some "" moved and left their pets." Now, in 2022, I see the neighbor's cat, which is 14 years old, come upstairs to eat. This person offered to pay for food. I said, "no, it's a minimal expense." Then 'her" cat got a big sore on it's nose. She doesn't do anything to stop the suffering. Should I turn her in? I continue to feed all four and then one day the neighbor's cat was under a tree and the sore was bigger. I am so mad, I could spit tacks! Any options for me would be greatly appreciated.
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