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cats going crazy over new toy

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A couple of weeks ago I bought my boys a monkey on an elastic dangler. Am seriously starting to regret it. They can't get enough of 'chunky monkey'. Even mentioning his name sends them into a frenzy. They won't play with him on their own - I have got to bounce and dangle him (nearly two hours on Saturday). If I put him down, he is picked up and dropped on my lap; if I hide him they follow me round the house crying; when I come in from work they rush up to me crying 'chunky monkey, chunky monkey'. The flipping thing isn't even filled with catnip. This is the first Dangley toy they have reacted to in this way. Dory nearly knocked himself out in his deternimation to catch 'Chunky' last night. And Tigar (for the first time ever) punched Dory in the mouth because Dory hid 'Chunky' under his tummy. What is going on??????? :confused:


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I know is probably not very funny to you, but it made me LOL!! You would be the perfect commercial for this toy, you should contact the company with this info. As I was reading I was thinking 'catnip' but obviously it doesn't have any....hmmmm, if it is seriously causing you grief I would contact the company and ask them why your cats are becoming addicted to this toy. Unfortunately, I have never heard of "Chunky Monkey".

P.s. I wish you were a member of my website, I would love to have this story on there ;)!
It's not really called chunky monkey, I just have a habit of naming everything; even annoying inanimate objects.
Do you know what the name of the toy is? Just curious.
Sorry - just a cheapie from Sainsbury's. Seriously, bloody cats and kids - you spend a fortune on getting them educational' toys and then they go crazy over something bought at random! Or in Dory's case, nothing you thought about at all: strawberry and cream teabags (after use and as long as they are stolen and not offered) any flowers that are intended to adorn one's hair; underwear as long as it is pink or red - I swear that boy is going to grow up to be a fashion guru (he may even think he is French rather than Siamese). He is certainly aloof enough. Been trying to get him to the vets - to no avail; he is a master of cunning and avoidance.
Seriously - only posted because I am new to 'loving' animals and am in a constant state of confusion. T and D were the 'runts' of the litter so couldn't be 'sold'. I just want to make sure they have the happiest life ever; unfortunately that can't mean I play with them 24/7 (what happened to 'cats sleep for approximately 16 hours a day' - mine sleep when I sleep and that's it) I blame you for this RAMBLE; never ask me about 'my boys'. Collegues worked this out pretty quickly :)
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