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Cecil - Jan 2010 – Jan. 26, 2012...Farewell bright boy

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Cecil was a group of 4 brothers who needed to be rehomed by a wonderful woman who realized she could not afford to care for her aging crew as the situation she was in had changed. Life had done that 360 we all know about. So she contacted CCH, who unfortunately were full to the brim, but after worrying about the boys contacted me and put me in touch with their owner.

It turned out that Cecil had a very large tumour but from the sounds of it, it was removeable depending on his health. My friend/foster/transporter Jenny picked him and the boys up and fostered them for a few days until she was able to bring them down on December 9, 2011.

Cecil did have a HUGE mammary tumour but it was mostly attached by skin but he was sick, and tiny, and skinny…so the tumour removal was put off until I could get that URI under control before attempting this crazy surgery. Loving wonderful people from all over the forums came forward to help with the expenses of Cecil’s surgery, even knowing that he might not make it through, they still wanted to help and give him a chance. You all know who you are, and how much we both appreciated this!!

Well we got his URI as good as it was going to get, a tiny bit more weight on his tiny frame but best of all, a gleam and a brightness that wasn’t there before. He amazed me how he was able to shift that tumour around, and get up onto hammocks he should not have been able to. I am still sure he levitated or teleported himself.

The surgery was a very scary day for a lot of us, I was telling myself he wouldn’t make it, and when the call came from the vet tech earlier than I was expecting, I blurted out “He didn’t make it did he?”…Christine “Cecil? He’s fine. J” I was sooo happy!!!!

He was soo tiny when he got home, he only weighed 280 grams and even then he lost weight. After that his weight went up and it went down, and my heart went with it. Finally I stopped myself, and said “Shelagh, ignore his weight, look into those bright, happy eyes and know how he’s really doing!”

Cecil ended up being a Bed Rat for the last week which he loved. I thought he might miss his brothers but no, he loved this new adventure. Full of soft cuddly blankets, never-ending food being offered for the picky little man, meeting girls and other rats, sleeping near or ON me. He had some rough nights/days while we were trying to help sort out his issues, but in between these attacks he was content, bruxxing and happy. I was off sick with the flu for the previous 2 days so he and I got to spend a lot of time together, which was a lovely send off. He waited for me to come home from work today, and passed in my hands about 10 minutes later.

I love you Cecil…I will never forget you, and the crowds of fans who all came together over the love of one determined, tiny, unwell boy who tried for us all.

Somebody loves banana

and fingers LOL

Brave boy lugged that “friend” of his along with amazing dexterity


December 28th…Surgery day

Glad to be home

Comfy in his hammock

Bookended by his brothers Loki and Tommy

He loved to groom his belly “Long time no see!”

Then the attacks started and the teeter totter ride began

January 23, 2012 – Cecil was feeling fine and appreciative. After this he licked me often as I went all melty on him.

He was a rat in a million, and I am sure a lot of people will agree.
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Lilspaz, I am so sad about this. Just read the post and saw the photos of Cecil, and, well, I am just at a loss for words. I was hoping Cecil would have more time tumor-free to enjoy but even a single day without that big tumor was probably sooo wonderful for him. So I am glad he got to enjoy the lightweight feeling of having that gone, even for a short time. We all loved Cecil so much and we were all pulling for him but you were the one who was there for him 24/7 and giving all your time and love to make his life comfortable and happy and peaceful. I am very glad he had his last week with you as a bed rat and enjoying all the attention and treats that he deserved. I miss him already and I know he was a very special, one of a kind rat man, and we are all going to feel this loss. I send cuddles and kisses up to you Sweet Cecil. I hope you are running and playing and enjoying right now. You deserve all the best. :sneakyhug
I'm so sorry to hear about Cecil. I loved watching him the past few months and I have been pulling for him through it all. He was truly a gentle soul, and now he is at peace. Hugs to you. :hugg2: :hugg2:
Oh no :( I was so happy to see him recover from his surgery. I wish he was able to enjoy his new life longer, but at least you gave him the love he needed. RIP Cecil
RIP Cecil. Reading all the determination you gave him was inspiring. He knew he was loved which is great.
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