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Pre-diabetes, also known as "impaired glucose tolerance,Moncler Donna," is a health condition with no symptoms,sacs gucci. It is almost always present before a person develops the more serious type 2 diabetes,Chaussures De Marque. It is an alarming sign for upcoming diabetes or a chance to change your future. Universally numerous terms were given like, Borderline Diabetes, Chemical Diabetes, Touch of Diabetes etc. More and more, doctors are recognizing the importance of diagnosing pre-diabetes as treatment of the condition may prevent more serious health problems. For example, early diagnosis and treatment of pre-diabetes may prevent type 2 diabetes as well as associated complications such as heart and blood vessel disease and eye and kidney disease. Doctors now know that the health complications associated with type 2 diabetes often occur before the medical diagnosis of diabetes is made.
When there are indications that a person may be subject to developing diabetes, it may be prudent to be tested periodically to determine if the ailment is imminent,Polo Ralph Lauren. Many times a patient takes a diabetes test and is determined have pre diabetes, a level of sugar in their blood that may indicate it is likely they will develop diabetes. There are a couple of tests the doctor can perform to determine if a person has pre diabetes or full blown diabetes. Glucose that is not appropriately processed by the body will adhere to blood cells instead of being transferred into the body&#8217,Ralph Lauren Casquette;s cells. The fasting plasma glucose test can determine how much sugar is in the blood for the past 30 to 60 days. A level of 100 or less is accepted as normal and a reading of between 100 and 125 is considered pre diabetes. When readings are over 126 they are consider to have diabetes.
Another test for diabetes can be done with the invasiveness of drawing blood, to determine how well the body reacts to sugar intake. A blood glucose test is performed with the results noted,Chaussures Chanel. The patient then drinks a 12 ounce soda with a high sugar content and the pre diabetes test is repeated. If the amount of sugar in the blood increases dramatically, it can be a sign the body is not producing enough insulin or that the insulin produced is not able to do its job. Most doctors rely on the fasting plasma glucose test for accuracy.
While genetic predisposition is one of the most commonly considered indicators a person may contract diabetes there are others to consider. Type 2 diabetes, or adult onset diabetes is more common if folks over the age of 45. Being overweight with a body mass index greater than 25 and during a glucose tolerance test, indications noted the patient is susceptible to developing diabetes. In some cases when pre diabetes has been detected a change in lifestyle and eating habits can help the body better process the sugar in the bloodstream, reducing the need for drug intervention later in life. Reducing the mount of refined sugar in the diet and working to reduce cholesterol levels have been successful in reducing the onset of diabetes. Exercise can also improve good cholesterol levels while helping to reduce bad cholesterol and is a benefit for those overweight in attempt to drop the extra pounds.
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