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Hey Pet owners, I’m writing about and the worst experience I have ever had with an on-line business. I strongly recommend to reconsider doing business with them in the future.

My Story:
My son’s dog has an issue that requires prescription food. Expensive food at $120 for a 3-4 week supply. In this time of rising gas, food, and rent costs, I wanted to help him out on the dog’s food cost. I was sent a 20% off Coupon which I gave to him, only to discover it was for new customers. Okay, no problem, I would purchase the food for him as a new customer and utilize the 20% off coupon.
Had to open up an account… no problem. Ordered the food, gave my Credit Card and uploaded my Son’s dog food prescription. Applied the 20% coupon and purchased the food……… Then the problems began. 4 calls to Customer Service…… 4 times I’m told its all set…….. 4 TIMES THE ORDER WAS CANCELED!!!! Why you ask? One time because my Credit card address didn’t match my son’s dog prescription address. I fixed that (and screwed up all my other automated billing to the card). Second time….. No reason provided. Third Time, supposedly, they didn’t receive the Prescription. (Uploaded and emailed it previously. TWICE!) Fourth time….no reason!
I gave them 4 chances to fix THEIR problems with my order! I finally gave up, canceled my membership with them and vowed to let very Pet owner know about their poor company business practices.
You do what you want….but I’ll never do business with them again and my son has cancel his membership to them also.

A frustrated Pet lover
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